American Revolution: War weapons

The Brown Bess: The Brown Bess muzzle-loading smoothbore musket was one of the most commonly used weapons in the American Revolution. While this as a British English t was used heavily by the american colonists. The Long Rifles were an American design of the18th century produced by individual German gunsmiths in Pennsylvania. Based on the Jager rifle, Long Rifles known as “Pennsylvania Rifles” we’re used by snipers and light infantry throughout the Revolutionary War. The Bayonet: The Bayonet was a critical weapon because of the musket. The weapon downfalls were made up by large infantry charges in which Bayonets were fixed on the ends of the guns. Both sides charged at one another in a large hand to hand conflict with the Bayonet leading the charge. The triangular shape of the Bayonet created terrible wounds because they didn’t cut through the flesh;rather it was tearing and puncture style of infliction. This was often worse than getting shot.

My Patriot Poem

She sent over one thousand letters to her husband

She melted metal utensils into bullets

Hid soldiers in her home

First second Lady

Abigail Adams

Second First Lady

Strong advocate of women’s rights

Talked to ladies still loyal to British

Appointed by the Massachusetts colony general in 1775 3