Literary Response

These are some of the ways Melody from “Out of my Mind” and me are alike. We both don’t have many friends.Following this, we are as lonely as the lone ranger. “I’m here with Melody and her family.” Rose mumbles. “On purpose?” Clair shrieks. We both can be peaceful. Once in awhile, we are like dove in sky. “Uh.” I said softly as I continued to stroke the dog’s silky fur. We are both messy.By comparison, we are like dogs at lunch time. “Didn’t you put a bib on her Diane?” dad yelled back. “You know she makes a mess.” Those were some of the ways Melody from “Out of my Mind” and me are alike. 41xlmc7pkzl-_sy344_bo1204203200_

Sharon Draper’s Writing

These  are some of the things I like about Sharon Draper’s writing. I like how she gives the characters a voice.“ Let me tell you something Doctor, there is no way  in Heaven or Hell that  we will be sending Melody to a nursing home! I like how she is descriptive. “Mrs. V wears huge, flowing dresses – must be miles of material  in those things – all in crazy colors combinations . Bubble Gum Pink with Fire Engine Red with Peachy Sherbet with Bright Cinnamon ” i like how she makes it realistic. “I am in a special  program with other children with  what they call disabilities.” Those were some of the things I liked about Sharon Draper’s writing 41xlmc7pkzl-_sy344_bo1204203200_