Malala’s voice

Malala made her voice heard because she wanted all of the girls in Pakistan to have an education. She cares for the other girls and wants to stand up for them. “They cannot stop me. I will get my education.” This shows she is willing to stand up for education. She  wants to be able to go to school no matter what. “It was all right for little girls to go to school,he said,but he still insisted that girls over ten should stay at home. I was eleven but i wasn’t going to let that stop me. Those were some of the ways Malala made her voice heard.   

Malala’s Fight for Education


Education is important to Malala because, not all of the girls in pakistan can go to school and she wants to stand up for them. She works hard at school. “ When I want to study they make a terrible racket.” She is studying for school this proves that she wants to do good in school. She is one of the smartest kids and wants to make better grades than everyone else. “ so on the last day of school year, when the awards were announced I was stunned. She had gotten first place and i was second. I smiled politely as she retrieved her trophy, but the minute I got home, I burst into tears.” This proves that she is really smart because she normally gets first place but she still got second this also proves that she wants to be first and nobody else because she started to cry when she got home because she didn’t get first place. Those were some of the reasons why education is important to Malala.